R.M, Drumul Național R1, (Chișinău - Ungheni) km 49

PDG Fruits Company

We grow fruits and ensure the quality of their log keeping,
to get on your table fresh in any season

Refrigerated Warehouse

We offer a refrigerator for storage of fruits and vegetables, about 1000 m2 built according to the latest technologies.

Eco Energy

We invest in renewable energy


We grow and sell plums Stanley and Friar, young orchard, planted in 2015


We have an apple orchard Renet Simirenco, Golden Delicious, Idared, Florina – a perfect choice, everyone will like.


We have annual plantings of strawberries Senga Sengana and Mermolada – a special taste and flavor

PDG Fruits

PDG Fruct was founded in may 2017, as a company of producing, processing, storing and marketing fruits and vegetables

The company disposes of plums, apples orchards and multi-annual strawberry fields. The basis of production is in Călărași, in the villages Păulești and Pitușca.

The company owns modern technical equipment, which ensures good processing of soils and of plantations of strawberries, apples, plums and harvesting of a rich and high quality production.

Refrigerated Warehouse (m2)
Plums (ha)
Apples (ha)
Strawberries (ha)

PDG Fruits News

In fruits we trust

4500 kW wind farm

At PDG Fruits Company we are ramping up our investment in renewable energy, driving our business forward and continuing our greening journey.

Renewable energy- extension of photovoltaic park of 200kW

We are proud to announce that 2021 year came with new achievements for PDG Fruits Company: the expansion of the photovoltaic park, by installing another 100 kW of solar panels. Thanks to the 200kW photovoltaic plant, we ensured the energy [...]

AFC supports solar investments in Moldova’s agriculture

When AFC started the technical assistance for the EIB “Fruit Garden of Moldova” credit operation, solar investments were soon identified as a topic with high potential.