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PDG Fruits Eco Energy

We invest in renewable energy

2018 came with new challenges for the PDG Fruct staff. We care about the environment and the responsibility of each of us towards future generations and we decided to expand our activity by investing in the development of renewable energy production.

The energy of future and unlimited possibilities. In the Republic of Moldova, traditional technologies of energy production are old, underperforming and require huge costs for modernization. That’s why we’ve decided to reduce dependence on the traditional sources by installing a Nordex N62 Wind Turbine with a 1300 kW power.

Advantages of Wind Energy:

Lack of pollutants and greenhouse gases emission due to the fact that no fuels are burned.

No waste is produced.

The costs of producing wind energy are much lower than for the import of electricity from traditional sources from foreign producers.

The wind farm is located in the Center area of the Republic of Moldova (the first turbine in the region), near The PDG Fruct production base, Calarasi, the outskirts of the village of Niscani. We have made considerable efforts to see our dream come true.

The Wind Turbine has begun to work and produce the first kW of electricity since April 2018.