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Products and Services

We grow fruits and ensure the quality of their log keeping,
to get on your table fresh in any season

The Offer

The company PDG Fruct offers for rent halls with a storage capacity of about 800 tons.

  1. The storage of fruits and vegetables
  2. Fruit and vegetable precession services
  3. Storage of fruits and vegetables in cold rooms with normal atmosphere
  4. Storage of fruits and vegetables in cold rooms with controlled atmosphere

The storage and refrigeration facilities provided by PDG Fruct are designed to keep the cold storage of products according to European standards.


PDG Fruct has 7 new cold rooms, 120 tons each of them and 2 pre-chambers with a capacity of 20 tons of products, in 3- 6 hours, depending on the product’s capacities.

Modern equipment produced in Italy, monitored and controlled by high performance computers.

Products are stored in accordance with European standards, the customers having access, at any time, to the temperature chart for stored goods.

The cold store provides forklift trucks, weighing and authorized personnel for the handling of goods.


If you are a trader or manufacturer and want to store your goods in a refrigerated warehouse at European standards and at reasonable prices, PDG Fruct is the ideal solution!

Mermolada strawberries


Italian variety, cultivated from 1989. Very productive variety.

The fruits are big, with a mass of about 30-80 g, their shape being conical with the sharp tip. The color of fruits is red or bright, intense.

The pulp color is orange/ red, medium firmness and small inner void. Good balanced flavor, intense flavor. The plant is resistant to low temperatures.

Senga Sengana strawberries


It is a semi-finished variety that ripens at the end of June, being known and appreciated all over the world due to the special flavor of the fruit and it is among the top of strawberry varieties that are cultivated throughout the year.

The fruits are big and have a very sweet taste, a special aroma and the high content fructose make them ideal for jam.

Stanley plums


An American variety with submerged, productive trees (about 30t / ha) and very early. The fruit is overmoded and becomes colored about a month before maturity.

The fruit is very appealing, with good resistance during transportation. The pulp is yellow with infiltrations of red, sweet, and decomposes after the kernel.

It is harvested at the end of August – beginning of September.

Friar plums


A “Sino-Japanese” variety, of constant and high productivity. Dark purple-black glossy fruits. The pulp is yellow, very firm, good, sweet and pleasantly acidified.

The spherical shape is slightly flattened, juicy, non-adherent to the kernel, the color of the dark purple skin, glossy black with many lenses and covered with pruin.

Florina apples


This variety was obtained at Angers in France, from the Jonathan variety and was introduced in culture in 1977. The color of the fruit is light red with whitish spots all over the surface.

The bark is waxed. The pulp is very juicy, sweet and slightly acidified, very aromatic. It is harvested at the end of September.

Idared apples


The medium-to-high force tree has a spherical crown, is very productive and early, resistant to frost and drought, sensitive to flaking.

The fruits are very big (180-240g) and round. The fruit is red and it has strips. The pulp is juicy, sweet, with intense flavor.